Murderously Successful Events


• Performed for 17 years
• Fun Filled Mob Wake
• Zany Family Members
• Mob Costumes Encouraged

Zany Characters

• Interactive Fun
• Conversation Starters

Audience Participation

• Fun Roles
• No Prep Needed
• Minimal Lines
• Great Photo Opportunity

An Entire Evening

•  Social Hour Mingle
• Intertwined Between Courses
• Plated or Buffet

Costume Contest

• Costumes Encouraged Not Required
• Easy To Accomplish
• Great Team Building

Scripted Theatre

• 99% Scripted Entertainment
• Appropriate For All Ages
• Improv Ready
• Maintains Schedule

Show Information

Tony Alto, a local mob boss, is dead (or is he?) and his grieving widow, Toffee, has invited everyone to his wake. Tony’s nephew, Chris, checks weapons at the door…and if you don’t have any, he’s got extras! Tony’s shrink, Dr. Malaise, is giving free analysis. Father Flip tries to console Toffee while Tony’s crazy mother is dealing blackjack. Uncle Senior, already under indictment, is fresh off the prison golf course to attend his good-for-nothing-nephew’s wake. Be prepared to dodge bullets, laugh at silly songs and try to figure out who put a contract on Tony!

Not a Soprano’s expert? Forgettabout it! While those who know the show will recognize characters, the Altos are a stereotypical, Italian family with fun for all regardless of your knowledge of the HBO show. Audiences from Dickinson, ND to Des Moines, Iowa  have loved this show for 17 years!

To make sure your guests blend in, encourage them to dress in their favorite mob attire and we will give prizes to the best dressed!


…without a doubt, the BEST event that we have ever had! I laughed so hard at times I nearly fell out of my seat… easy to work with you and your staff…fantastic evening with everyone having a great time. We’re definitely recommending your theater!
Becky Nelson

Microsoft Business Solutinos

Best party…, can we do the same thing next year? It was a joy working with you and your group. I have passed on some of the comments to our leadership in Minneapolis.”
Chuck Lynche

Johnson Controls

Our group completely enjoyed the show. They are all talking about it as I arrived here at work this morning and they all thanked me for organizaing such an extrodinary evening. Thanks again!
Laurie Gress


Time Lines | Space | Sound

This is a typical time line assuming a one hour social

  1. 5:30 pm  Social and Mingle
  2. 6:30 pm Scene 1
  3. 6:50 pm Salad Course
  4. 7:10 pm Scene 2
  5. 7:30 pm Main Course
  6. 8:10 pm Scene 3
  7. 8:30 pm Dessert Course
  8. 8:50 pm Scene 4
  9. 9:05 pm Awards
This is a typical time line assuming a one hour social

  1. 5:30 pm  Social and Mingle
  2. 6:30 pm Scene 1 & 2
  3. 7:10 pm Buffet
  4. 7:45 pm Scene 3
  5. 8:05 pm Dessert Course
  6. 8:25 pm Scene 4
  7. 8:45 pm Awards
Murder mysteries require the use of a 10’ x 10’ space in the middle of the dining area.
Group over 100, a raised stage may be needed as well as sound production.
If your group is larger than 100, you may need to arrange for a 12 x 12 raised platform.

Fargo Entertainment can provide the following sound support, a $450 fee is required.

  • Body Mics
  • Sound Technician