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Clowning Around

The Fargo Entertainment Company has been providing professional clowning entertainment to the tri-state area since 1990.  Focus has always been placed on balloon animals, juggling and , most importantly, making people SMILE!  There are also small magic shows and/ or close up magic that is performed, but if you are looking for big time magic, some friends of ours do it much better.  Call us and we will give you their numbers.

Clowns can be the perfect entertainment for most any setting where kids or kids at heart are the target audience.  Store promotions, grand openings, corporate and family picnics and parties, even name it, we have had a clown at it.  We even had a clown perform for seven years straight at the Old Broadway in Downtown Fargo for their  adult birthday promotion!

The Fargo Entertainment Company started out, quite literally, as a bunch of clowns.  The Klownerz was formed by a group of MSUM Theatre Majors after learning some clowning skills in "Barnum- The Musical".  While the rest of the members left to "normal lives" around the country, Randy Long stayed in FM and kept the company going with corporate, restaurant and private shows.  In 1996, Randy bought out the Entertainment Company to add telegrams to the mix.  Theatre was added to the stable of offerings in 2002.



Fargo Moorhead Metro
$125 minimum

Grand Forks Metro
$180.00 minimum

Call for further pricing and out of Metro area pricing.

The Fargo Entertainment Company
We Make You Smile... Out Loud!!




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